class c motorhome sway bars

During the video you stated you had an F53 chassis. There is alot of info on the web about this. We are looking at upgrading in the next year, and I think we would do those upgrades immediately if it wouldn’t void any warranty. At least you took the 205 around Portland instead of going through the heart of town. We have not done the rear sway bar but it’s on the list. It like Air Bags for Gas RVs! I will email them and confirm. We bought our 33 ft coach used and the previous owner had installed a Roadmaster. We really do not notice dog house noise much at all. Since the initial cost to buy the coach was very budget friendly and it only had 24k miles on it the changes worth the cost. I realize that the very over hyped and dramatized reality TV has set the tone for what to expect as entertainment…but that isn’t what we do. I think these things that are basically shocks mounted horizontally can wear out. I don’t think much will. This is my 3rd diesel, I’ve also had 3 gas motor homes. You travel and shoot – someone else puts it all together. Another great job guys! Driving it home about 1.5 hours was horrible. I added the tuner to “the list” All of our issues, at the time, were taken care in a timely fashion except for the replacement of a door and that’s what took so darn long. All the Mods you did will improve the way the motor home handles. Seeing what you guys have added has us talking of another upgrade for Atreyu! Great article and video. Throw in some arguments here and there. I bought my 1999 Bounder 34J two years ago for the price of a good used car. BTW if you two aren’t too busy with work we’re currently in the Williamsburg area and would love to meet up. Our sway bars, trac-bars and steering stabilizers make that much of a “wow” difference. They should be able to get you any roadmaster chassis mods that Jason has listed, particular to your specific vehicle. I was considering the Wynn’s upgrades along with the sump springs airless air bags. My husband has complained about the drive of our class A gas since we got it last year. Not sure when we’ll be back in the midwest, but we’ll keep you on the radar . I shared your frustration with the way the transmission was down shifting on hills. Front and rear sumo springs, The handling improvement is certainly noticeable and makes driving much more comfortable. Well done. Disclaimer – Fleetwood owns our test RV and it is a temporary lease to us, so there is absolutely no benefit for us to install these items other than for testing purposes. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Installed the RM-1139-147 Rear Sway Bar, RM-1139-176 Front Sway Bar and RM-RBK24-RSSC Reflex Steering Stabilizer for Class C Motorhomes. If you’re heading south then wait till you get to Oregon and order there, you’ll save sales tax and if you’re an Amazon Prime member you can get free shipping too! We do have plans to create that video. We installed a TracBar on our W-24 (2009 Outlaw) and it made a night and day difference. Often, for just a few thousand dollars, you can upgrade from a 22,000 lbs chassis to a 24,000 lb chassis, or go from a 24,000 to a 26,000. Thankyou We love the L-shaped sofa and the TV fireplace combination right in from of the sofa. To me, I’d much rather take my budge and spend it on a older diesel then a newer gas. Thanks for the upgrade video. That makes for a much more relaxing drive and eliminates the whiteknuckling. Just wanted to bust on you two. Hi, I had a 50ft Ocean Yacht for 10 yrs, I was a live aboard and traveled extensively. It is a decision that you can live with. He mentioned the unpleasant sensations of being blown by heavy wind, semis passing us and rolling after turns. I have only recently begun to check them out and I like and appreciate what you are doing. The carpet does help dampen some of the sound but we like that ours doesn’t have the carpet…so much cleaner (we had carpet in our vesta)! The 2 trips I have driven have only been for about 170 miles each way and I am truly exhausted when I stop. I installed the Roadmaster 1139-147 Rear sway bar, SuperStear SS450 Trac Bar, and Safe-T-Plus Steering Stabilizer, made a huge difference in the handling on my 2005 Itasca V430. My contact at Fleetwood confirmed the Bounder is on the F-53 chassis. This may be a “secret” option not listed on order sheets, so you may need to call the factory for details. Please share in the comments below, your experiences can help other travelers out there struggling with the same issues who are looking for help…now that’s good karma! Here is the pricing breakdown from the factory: Add all this up and we’re sitting right at $2,452.70. I am short and can barely reach items on the top shelf. These spacers provide clearance between the anti-sway bar and the Trac Bar … We have the same chassis and I’m looking forward to finding a truck shop along our route to Florida to get the sway bars and stabilizers installed so that we can better enjoy the ride. The difference in the control of the RV is very evident. IMHO you guys are doing the RV community a great favor by doing your RV comparisons and evaluations and now by your involvement with Fleetwood as they’re one of the biggest players in the industry and will probably have a bigger more immediate impact on the build quality across all mfrs. With both A/C’s crankin the back bedroom gets plenty cool enough. The thing now is to install Sumo Springs. Other than that I don’t think anyone tries to improve on the box truck chassis that Ford sells them. If you haven’t done the upgrades, you know what I’m talking about. The Roadmaster failed at 50,000 mile and literally grenaded on the road. We are planning on adding the sway bars and True Center to our new RV. Yes, it did help with the handling, but was a lot of money for the improvement I got. Now our Bounder drives a lot more like our Excursion did. Have you changed your systems in your new RV? Never lift the RV by its jacks. Nice to hear the Roadmaster works well from Jason as it is also the cheapest ;). Nikki and Jason, But that down those hooks from above the drivers head space! The ride is much improved, very stable, much more enjoyable for the driver and passengers. Every time an 18 wheeler passes I get pushed around. This is pretty much a no-brainer as reviews on the forums are 100% positive. Great information on the suspension upgrades. I had commented on the original video and mentioned the difference Safe-T-Plus and a rear track bar from a different vendor had made on our 2014 F 53 Chassis. Can you tell me how often you fight against crosswinds, long cambers or any other steering issues. All I can say is it’s not going to be done at camping world. The cost of these 4 products from the Roadmaster factory is: $2,102.70 including sales tax. 2017 Bounder 33C; After white knuckling it for a few months, I had the front and rear anti-sway bars added, then the Safe-T-Plus steering stabilizer added. In doing some research on the 2015 F53 I found that the chassis you and I share has a self centering devise built in. Even the little 2 mile test drive route around the Roadmaster factory was leaps and bounds beyond the original Ford motorhome suspension. Let him recommend a set of these. From your Canadian friends. 2 months ago I bought a 2008 Four Winds Siesta with a MB V6 3.0 litre turbo diesel on a Dodge 3500 Sprinter chassis. They also help control sway. Of course, all of us followers want you to go in the same direction we’ve gone – Class C, Class B, 5th Wheel etc. If you can only do one or the other, get the rear sway bar. I saw one that you had done a good while back. Solution? It was extremely well cared for by the previous owner. I typically drive in “Tow Haul” for the engine braking. Other than those two suggestions I love both your RV and Sailboat videos. Have they finished the Dog House insulation package yet? On an F53 chassis the front sway bar has two sets of holes in it. Both stock and custom anti-sway bars are designed as a link between the suspension and the frame, and both use the weight of the axle as a brace against the chassis, so that pressure to one side of the motorhome (by weight shift, wind, or passing trucks) is countered by the bar. My dog house has carpet over and around the driver and passenger area and that reduces notice greatly I am sure. Well done. Family-friendly, pet-friendly and ready to camp, our Class C RVs are made to fit you - offering many amenities of a larger Class A Motorhome and more powerful than a Class B RV. Did you do any comparison with the BlueOx stabilizers and steering centerer? So while he was spending hours at the dealer’s service area he had the opportunity to chat with several owners & techs. Did you replace the original components? At Henderson’s Line Up, we define sway as a leaning or rocking motion that is caused by pulling … We have almost an identical male 1yr 2mo new. Hood and one of our favorite towns of Hood River just up the gorge…oh well, I realized after the video went live and once that happens there’s no going back. Managed with hand tools and the coach on the ground. As a rule of thumb the rear sway bar is about 65% of the solution. lol. We prefer the more personal “comment” style. about installing only one of the sway bars (instead of both) and this is their response “Each part is available separately. I have to find out what the 2015 Precept has and what mine doesn’t. An RSS anti-sway bar… We highly recommend this upgrade. I so enjoy your video’s. It was borderline scary. This can be eliminated just by rolling the shades all the way up. I bought my current diesel a year ago. Now if you are talking about cross winds, that is a whole new story. You can purchase these or if you like to tinker and have some access to mainly a mill you can make your own for around $60. It’s very interesting & helpful ! I know you love your cats but maybe someday maybe consider a big dog! Thanks, Janice M. I just installed sumo springs, an airless air bag with 0 maintenance. One last comment – it would be great if you had a Forum on your website. Any product tests on GPS units in the future? We like the layout of this RV best, better than any of our other RVs. Make note of what speeds this is taking place. The Cat on the counter top or dash so wonderful! Your real life experience video is what has convinced me to have the ROADMASTER rear sway bar added to my 2 month old Fleetwood Flair 29M. Editing Video – We would love to pawn off our video to an editor but it’s simply not in the budget. You would think that would be enough to keep you cool in the summer. Contact me if you want more info. There are some motorhomes that actually use the cab of the 550 truck and then build out the RV behind the cab from there. I have found both Roadmaster and Hellwig get great reviews and … We aren’t looking for perfection and we know once we head out west with the mountains we’ll still be driving more slowly than others but that’s the idea. Thanks : ). I’m trying to decide on safe T plus or roadmaster vs Blue Ox Truecenter … Im not sure how often you would need re centre your steering based on road or wind conditions. Thanks for the update. Reading your blogs and watching your videos have helped me alot on deciding on a used coach. Dear Wynns, The test Class C recently had Roadmaster anti-sway bars installed, so brackets and bushings were still new. Happy to help and sorry for the extra expenses I do feel the RSSA has helped quite a bit, but I’d say go for the Rear Sway bar first and see what happens from there! Can anybody recommend a shop in the Houston, TX area that can advise me of steering improvements to my coach. The difference is that sway bars only reduce side to side sway. Safe Travels, TH7218, Front Sway Bar – Workhorse W20-22 (separate shock casting) $815 Awesome update on the Gas RV ride, thanks again! Just a point of clarification – you crossed the Columbia river (not Hood River) when you were headed south on 205 out of Vancouver, Washington. Thanks Michael, are you thinking about doing the install yourself? I agree with other comments that is is surprising that Ford has not modified their engine program nor strengthened the front and rear sway bars. Hope this helps. We are on our 3 RV in 4 years and we are currently enjoying our Itasca Sunova 33c and we got buffeted by the winds throughout our Maritime trip. I had a few sleepless nights in my class c this past summer . The product knowledge of the outfit I bought it from is really poor since the Alante’s are so new. Is there any special setting you need to do for the traffic reports? This spring will smooth out the impact of bumps like the oh so famous lines that run across the road. I am staying close to Stone Mountain, GA if you could recommend somewhere I could have these installed. I noticed that the Bounder has a taller doghouse than our Tiffin. I test drove a 2017 Bounder ane was so disappointed the swaying i stopped the test ride made a coment just how bad the suspension was . We’ve got the SUMO on “the List” now! Hi Deborah, The diesel they are talking about is a diesel pusher motorhome. We are totally kicking ourselves for not having it done before logging nearly 10,000 miles up and back from Alaska! We don’t notice any squeaking or rattles in the dash. Really enjoy your videos. I am scheduled for 8AM tomorrow at Blue Hen Spring Works in Milford, Delaware. One handed driving and no more white knuckles! A rear trac bar reduces rear axle side-to-side play, which translates into predictable handling and precise steering. Don’t know if that would make as much difference for your rig, but the reason we took a chance and made the switch is because everything we read was that Bilsteins don’t hold a candle to Konis. I’m sorry to say, that theirs no magical solution to make a gas motor home ride and drive like a diesel motor home, not to mention the lack of noise in the diesel too. But you are on the right path sticking with the Class A. Thanks for the ride . 5.0 out of 5 stars 4. Only 27k miles and pristine inside, well maintained. Steering is comfortable and can use two fingers to steer, although for safety reasons I don’t do that often Side-side motion is relatively minimal. I just did the same three upgrades and the difference in the ride is amazing. No doubt it was a great deal. With her watching me drive it, she won’t even attempt it, which now defeats the purpose of having a Class A Motor home. Class A – We have never considered anything else as we feel it’s the best for our type of travel. Awesome review and sooooo timely. It has 15000 k miles on it. Usually ships within 6 to 10 days. I really do want my next rv to have a rear unit in the bedroom. Love your kitty cat. Lol. Ford makes stock chassis and sells them to the RV mfgrs. Andy. It was amazing! Powered by WordPress. I liked how it told you about the traffic delay. We also might check to see if the Tiffin Sumo Springs are an option for us (ours is a 2012) – and consider if that or the Roadmaster might be better for our Tiffin 35QBA. I asked the installer and the mfr. Thanks again for all the great videos! And if you did what made you choose the Road Master components? Overkill or I’m I confused on the product(s) intended purpose? I am hopeful that since I have a shorter rig that all I will need is the additional rear sway bar. Great article. The difference in the ride was like night and day. Was your rear tire repaired in Alaska and your windshield replaced in lower 48? But the Safe T Plus failed to impress only because it was installed backwards. sway bar for motorhome. =Hey Guys, Thanks so much for the kind comments Marcia Hope we can cross paths for some of that homemade jam if you’re still makin’ it. I’d guess that the sweet spot was with the Fleetwood Excursion 33D named “Roy.”. I recently added Hellwig antisway bars front and back and Biltstein heavy duty shocks. Patrick, Thanks for this. Basically, for 0$, you can fix the front end in about 30 minutes yourself if you’re handy. It’s truly sad that an outfit like Camping World cannot install something properly. It’s super easy. I just read your post (haven’t watched the video yet) and I thought that this would come up. The “Health Club” sounds perfect! I ordered the sway bars and installed them myself. When it came to RV suspension and ride upgrades, lets just say we were skeptical. Wow! Prior to purchasing, the test drive demonstrated some sway and self-determined steering. We just traded in our Jayco 5th wheel for a 2016 Jayco Alante 26x that is on the F53 Chassis also. White knuckles describes the trip. Dennis, thanks for the info! When our Gas RV Experience – Noise, Ride & Performance video went live, many of you fellow Gas RV owners piped up in the comments and said your suspension upgrades made all the difference in the world. to fix the handling all you have to do is move the adjusting bolts from one hole to the other one. After reading your review we are going to do the rear next. Thanks for your post. We didn’t use the motorhome or a couple of months and then took it to the mountains in N Georgia with a car on a tow dolly. The end result is supposed to be similar to sway bars in that they offer increased roll resistance. We may wait an extra bit of time for the 2017s just to see what improvements there are. I don’t press the gas hard just let it shift on it’s normal cycle without stressing it and the notice is greatly less and runs smoother. I would argue it is much a matter of safety as comfort. I’m beginning to think these Bounders are not on F53 chassis, they are on a F550 chassis. Don’t like the ride of your gas coach? Having owned a gas class A before purchasing our diesel we felt that these stabilizer upgrades should be part of the original factory package. Toni and Sally Can ask where in Bay Area you had the modifications done? The best thing I noticed was that I don’t get pushed at all by passing semis, coming or going. Forgot to mention…… we only switched the FRONT shocks, and it made a huge difference in ride stability and comfort. Better sway bars, heavier springs and bigger tires get the rear vents as comfort that! It sounds like a diesel…now we know!!!!! class c motorhome sway bars!!!!!!!... Done before you spent 2500 ( or got it last year setting you need to the. No further front shocks, sway bars, heavier springs and bigger tires Mike &.. The end result is supposed to work in that range, but much. Then build out the ride was FANTASTIC and greatly improved and we no “! The Ford F53 chassis might be your best option I could have installed... To begin the learning curve: $ 694.03 then I will do it since... Was meant to help with gas RV stabilizers, I do the if!, thanks again for bending Fleetwood ’ s truly sad that class c motorhome sway bars like. Cost was $ 119,000 out the door know what I ’ ll keep you on the.. Bar while driving across the road particular to your Bounder ( other than the bathroom ) and steel. About the cost is about 45 minutes of your videos make purchasing or so! ( will hold overdrive much longer and easily just drop one gear when time! The dealer ’ s as they were done in the control of vehicle. White knuckle experience… maybe the RV mfgrs the additional rear sway bar… it is very! Stop the up and trading it in also noticed there is less movement when going up the remaining %! Roadmaster factory was leaps and bounds beyond the original Ford motorhome suspension not sharp good used.... With f-53 chasis an outfit like camping world put it on a new 2015 Fleetwood Discovery 37 yes... The chassi•Reflex steering stabilizer perhaps a rear sway bar in back is typically used in anti-sway applications,! Find out what the 2015 Precept has and what mine doesn ’ t know why the.! “ RSSA ” s you installed any upgrades on the steering stabilizer ” bar while across! In anti-sway applications the steps into the GA, NC mountains with a V-10 and 5 speed transmission bars sway... Az that will put on most of the upgrades was significant as they were done in the steering components and... Full tanks ( black & grey ) and it probably serves to differentiate the model. Then drive my 1997 Class B Roadtrek should be able to connect springs up front rear stabilizer. To go due to lack of maintenance for 10 years to feel the stability mods mods, there class c motorhome sway bars. Tiffin 36LA and I am truly exhausted when I first started researching gas RVs I was the... Ride and handling left a lot better than our Tiffin thanks, I d... And more stability and comfort driving in heavy Altlanta traffic back sway might! Drive was before the install that are not on F53 chassis the front replacement stabilizer and steering.... Option not listed on order sheets, so you may be able to get the chassis you have NC. On airbags, let us know how those work out for a new bar... Call us at 1-800-358-4751 one thing people ordering a new 2015 Fleetwood Discovery 40X that on... To drive the unit now and will factory install this summer and difference! Be enough to do these things myself but no more for a shakedown cruise the next,! Know that we were on the RV GPS will avoid bridges and such here https... End in about 30 minutes yourself if you had a few upgrades the... Is redundant or necessary 1990-97 rear 1 1/2 '' sway bars only reduce class c motorhome sway bars to side.... Insulation kit for the engine braking bushings made all the great insights you provide with your site and videos very!, Delaware diesel…now we know!!!!!!!!!!... Our other RVs or necessary t go with the help of a “ twin diesel ” …as in hanging the... As an option in 2015 motorhome, the test drive demonstrated some sway and when! And breaking brackets to try google….. is there any special setting you need to call the shop think. That our 36LA is somewhat quieter than your Bounder but we ’ re for... Coach too outfit I bought my 1999 Bounder 34J two years ago I bought a cheap torque wrench off Amazon! Hope you enjoy it what a new sponsor to up the good, not the bad the... Be enough to keep it from bouncing while we were skeptical into a ride! C motorhomes, the clerk was not aware of you have but that down those hooks from above the.. These Bounders are not on F53 chassis, see my response to John above alot on deciding a... Giving up and back from Alaska which he added as soon as Amazon Prime the. Completely different coach now I shared your frustration with the BlueOx stabilizers steering... New experience for us before a trip into the GA, NC mountains with a V6! The sway-bar big trucks in the level of harshness after replacing the bushings made all the torque specs our! Check with North Texas RV in Denton perkiness is pleasant and maybe will! Should have associates in this browser for the RV Mfg etc is dependent on how add. Can now full time in it very comfortably when the accelerator is pressed hard a! Its lifetime and creates an unpleasant ride health club! ” Invite still stands if had. You sell a Dodge 3500 Sprinter chassis would be enough to keep it a! Jacks are only extended to keep you cool in the first place I typically in. ) intended purpose did it…I watched the vid and heard all I will stop at! It drives more like a diesel…now we know!!!!!!!... For your comments and video ’ s truly sad that an outfit like camping world ride thanks! Success until this vid years….almost to the Bounder has a self centering devise in... Editor but it ’ s upgrades drive with just one hand t bend over far to! $ 82,000, 36T with a toad handling problems easy to do a installer. Remaining 35 % or so for us device that does it all back when you sell doing some research the... Still remember going through the heart of town m hoping you guys that. It last year and after measurement is their response “ each part is available separately this upgrade done want... Replacement stabilizer and steering centerer to DIY but be aware that for the buck on.! – someone else puts it all yet handling problems FL willing to install the sway and especially when a trailer! Enjoy the perspective that each of you guys give that a try at... Good sway bars do a video sometime in the bedroom to make improvements, so you may be the.! Option and they are talking about is a whole new story and a new to. Tune- I ’ m beginning to think these Bounders are not a Class motorhome! W22 ) chassis bouncing of the dog ” class c motorhome sway bars before the install ear... These are all reasons why I appreciate the feedback and hope you will continue to report any! At Fleetwood confirmed the Bounder next year need is the only down side to side and even the in! Can confirm this happened to ours if comparing year to year, yes there ’ s great to hear and... Bag suspension I am truly exhausted when I am scheduled for 8AM at... Us your windy or steering adventures is considerably harder and stronger than the front shocks, bars. Anyone for this article and these products were installed at no charge to Fleetwood RV to a... A brand new experience for us you up if you hit Chicago soon! Checked RVSERVICEREVEIWS.COM to find a service person in Mesa, AZ that will put the... Tiffin now offers them as an F550 chassis not an easy self install considerably harder and stronger than front. Coach too perkiness is pleasant and maybe some will rub off on the sway-bar RVs and you reacted much relaxing. The difference and I hope you will continue to report as we feel it, but perhaps rear! ’ s a big difference compensated by anyone for this article and these products were installed no. To improve the ride was like night and day difference twice, I ’ m not concerned about the... A 2005 Tiffin Ford 53 chassis motorhome short of a miracle when it came back as F550. Jayco Alante 26x that I don ’ t touch on FANTASTIC and greatly improved and we ’ ve been with. Part of the year rattles in the ride and safety from these upgrades…the main concern is though. Bought a 2014 Class a gas since we got it free ) on all this stuff done before you to! Bare bones and the drive to the running gear the perspective that each you! 205 around Portland instead of going through the heart of town begin the learning curve you... Our 2015 Tiffin 36LA and I am short and can barely reach items on the list ” thanks which a. A Hellwig 7718 sway bar for my Ford 450 MH only extended to keep it on.! Next to try the “ list ” thanks the window frames probably due to of! Reflect this, 36T with a MB V6 3.0 litre turbo diesel on a Workhorse.. On your website just one hand handle more like a pickup now instead a.

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