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I'm to to this subreddit and Ive read the beginners guide but I was wondering if I need to buy like 20 items at a time or can I simply buy 1 pare of shoes or 1 hoodie at a time? Impossible to tell the difference between the one that arrived and the one my wife used to have direct from LV themselves. When buying reps, always remember that there is always a chance of getting your haul seized when shipping to you. Prices can vary, depending on which shipping line you use, be it EMS, E-EMS, DHL or EUB, with EUB to the UK being usually the cheapest but having a 5KG limit, and DHL being the most expensive. Another question I have is how much does shipping usally cost ? Now I know what you guys are going to ask, "How do I prevent getting my haul seized?". Will def buy from your site again. r/FashionReps: FashionReps: A community based on the discussion of the replica culture. Worldwide shipping at FashionsRep. level 2 FashionReps: A community based on the discussion of the replica culture. PART 2 - FAT 6KG - £330 UNHS / Taobao Unboxing Order Haul - Replica Supreme + Palace ( Union House ) - Duration: 6:55. i dont have a firm answer to give, last time i bought from bmlin was about 6 months ago, i ended up paying 30bucks for shipping for each pair, i ordered them at the same time, so id say know (this was in superbuy) im not sure about cssbuy tho. Find more subreddits like r/FashionReps -- FashionReps: A community based on the discussion of the replica culture. Payment Options . FashionReps Newbie Guide Trusted Seller List Direct Buy List CSSBUY Newbie Guide WeGoBuy Agent Guide WeGoBuy $40 Discount SuperBuy Agent Guide Post/Comment Not Visible All sales MUST be done using PayPal invoice unless the seller is a VOUCHED user, marked by flair. In the description box write the color and size of the item that you want. : FashionReps - Reddit, Cheap Yeezy 350 Black Kids for Sale 2019, 2016 Lowest Price yeezy boost 350 spain uk at our store| See more about yeezy ... just, database and grammy original influential shoes black which number of ... we offer Cheapest Adidas Cheap Yeezy 350 Replica Boost Outlet Online for Runner, Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 bluee Tint … REPMASTER 8,658 views You can buy one item at a time. Came exactly as its sold in the shop, the main bag plastic protective covered, LV stickers, receipt, gold ends protected and original box. Topics may include foreign markets such as: Taobao, Weidian … The only thing is that the more your package weight, the cheaper the price by kg will be, Fairly new myself, but its seems that postage is particularly expensive atm because of corona virus, so less planes flying from china to uk, because of this and in general, people buy more items in one go to try overall reduce the amount of shipping per item. Shop Now. Stop buying off cnf for the love of god people. This can be done with any agent. You don’t need cnf. We also do not have a showroom for obvious reasons. Once the items arrive in your warehouse, then you can ship off what you want, when you want. nick man (verified owner) – December 19, 2020 good, i purchased the shattered backboards, came within. All Of Our Bags Are Made From Geniune Leather And Have Minimal Flaws When Compared To Retail. Find the item that you want to buy. I’ve never ordered using an agent so I’m sort of confused. Topics may include foreign markets such as: Taobao, Weidian, Tieba, and many other chinese marketing platforms. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. If I buy multiple pairs at once, is shipping less? Enter the world of r/FashionReps. We do not allow orders to be picked up or payed in cash. one before 2 hoodies 2 shorts 3 t's 2 caps was like 74 quid shipping is ruthless but just look at the Items your getting add 10 quid cost to all ur items and i'm still happy with the price is how i see it. Shop for the best cheap and street wear clothing featuring collection of desginer cap, snapback, hat, backpack and more. See the clothes may be fake, but these fellas come are as real as it gets; well, y’know, as real as anybody can be wearing fake brands. Which is possible. Essentially when buying from Taobao via your agent, you can add however much to your cart, be it 1 piece or 20 pieces, and then pay for the products. How to Buy. You just need to send the yupoo link to your agent via expert service. FashionReps may be hard at first glance however with these guides you'll be on your way to purchasing replicas within minutes! Users found attempting to circumvent this rule will be immediately banned. 1:1 succ = 1:1 success = 1:1 SUCK (depends on the context, 1:1 succ can mean two different things) 1:1 = exact, flawless replica (this is the goal for every REP, but no rep is truly a perfect 1:1) 0.9:1 = close to perfect (usually these are considered high end … a week and a half, good quality, look legit Paste it on the Search Bar. Cnf is only useful to check the price and browse and find items, there is no reason to buy directly off there. So most people ship with EMS given its reasonable price and safety when it comes to going through customs. I've heard people paying up to £100 for shipping and I was wonder if this is true or it it's just for some cases? Copy the product URL. Just send your agent the yupoo link of the product you want via expert service and tell them the size. Copy the link 2) Paste the link to your agents ''Buy for me'' address bar and press BUY or enter on your keyboard Image Fill out the fields as follows: “Item URL” with the link, “Fill Title” with the title of the page, “Note” with the color and size, along with any additional purchase information (such as if the seller gave you a special code), and “Price”, “Domestic Shipping”, and “Quantity” are self- explanatory. Paste the Weidian... 3) Now it will show a … Thank you for the tutorial! This can be done with any agent. NOTE: I DO NOT CONDONE THE BUYING OR SELLING OF COUNTERFEIT PRODUCTS. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Checkout conveniently through paypal. Most agents allow you to keep items in your warehouse for 90 days, however due to the Covid situation, some of them have been extending this period. FashionReps: A community based on the discussion of the replica culture. Topics may include foreign markets such … Go to Gucci Soho Disco Bag. r/FashionReps is there to bridge that gap of knowledge between the East and West. Press Enter. Choose Guangdong Warehouse Press J to jump to the feed. I will continue to buy from this website as it is trustworthy and have great quality shoes. No, multiple pairs will not affect shipping price. r/FashionReps Jargon. Givenchy Destroyed Hoodie. e.g 30 dollars, every kilo extra is charged at 20 per kilo for instance, so its cheaper to bulk your items together, got 5 items last haul 2 hoodies 3 t's shipped like 60 pound. Topics may include foreign markets such as: Taobao, Weidian, Tieba, and many other chinese marketing platforms. home. But safety through customs varies from country to country.

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