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These affiliate links earn me a little commission at no extra cost to you, which helps manage the costs of running this site. ;). Presumably those not including an eleventh are only leaving it out because they don't have it?! In this video, I discuss what I consider my least favourite LEGO modular building. The building was designed with a prohibition era look, but instead of smuggling alcohol, there was a much more child-friendly cookie-smuggling ring going on. Green Grocer6. There is also a secret compartment in the vault that opens into the laundry machine in the laundromat next door for a little money laundering. Palace Cinema. guy trying on pants (previewing “Where’s my pants” guy). Do you have a favorite? This one slipped through my fingers in the process. . forward to discovering these while building them, they make me laugh. I really liked that little addition to this set, and kind of wish it would have continued in the theme. #10182 - Cafe Corner. The model could’ve had much more on the exterior and the interior. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! I'm excited to see what may be coming our way in 2017 on the modular front. Ranking the Lego Modular Buildings: 1-11 ... 10. This set was also released before True North Bricks, so I don’t have a review yet. Get it as soon as Tue, Jan 12. I love them all in their own way (as several comments above also allude too) although I hold a special affection for Pet Shop as for me, it elicits a certain "city" feel for me. LEGO Creator Expert London Bus 10258. This probably has the least repetitive exterior than any modular released; you can barely see the basic bricks at the front. Again, it came before True North Bricks began, but I have some big plans for this set and my Ninjago quartier in my city… stay tuned. Pet Shop. There isn't a lot out there in lego for me at the moment so while I wait for the new modular I am focusing on a skyscraper MOC. The Creator Expert modular buildings are for sure one of my favorite themes from the LEGO® Group. In this video, I share what I think is the worst LEGO modular building. LEGO Building Toys > LEGO Complete Sets & Packs. This has certainly been one of my favorite sets. I have not rebuilt it yet since I moved, so who knows, maybe a review will come…. Modular Buildings is a series of Lego building toy sets introduced in 2007 and new sets are usually released annually. If there's going to be a large, empty room then I expect a tiled floor. It’s very limited in its repetitive design. Another hit against the Cinema was the use of stickers. However, I focused on older modular sets that I was worried would be retired first, like the Grande Emporium and Pet Shop. The outside of the building just looks great and is featured in a lot of my photography projects. I don't own Market Street and don't really care to. It can be combined with other buildings including the Cafe Corner, Grand Emporium, Palace Cinema, and Pet Shop, to create a town. Hey folks. Without a doubt the best 'corner' building of the Modular Building of the entire line which brings yet again another format of layout. LEGO is the world's largest manufacturer of construction toys and play materials. You can also support True North Bricks by making your LEGO® (and other) purchases using the links in the menu to the right. It features quite a number of interesting build techniques, and realistic details. PRICE: $249.99 CAD. This is the most realistic and most detailed of any modular building; it's packed with details to the brim. PC: this is the only modular I own that I ranked lower than sets I don't own. LEGO. Most LEGO fans display the LEGO Modular Buildings as they are. It also has a fresh layout which makes it smaller but this allows more interior detail and the overall model is exquisite and outstanding, it's defiantly one of the best LEGO sets in recent history. I don't own the PC and doubt I ever will. It is also one of the few to have a working play feature (a functioning “hydraulic” lift) and not just detailed spaces. It was amazing for its time and still holds up today as one of the classiest modulars. RELEASED: … ^ Don't worry. Brick Bank. laundering, no, literally. Bookshop. $179.99. It was one of the first that I had to get. Ages: 16 years and up. SET #: 10232# OF BRICKS: 2196PRICE: $199.99 CADMINIFIGURES: 6RELEASED: March 1, 2013COST/BRICK: $0.09NOTES: This is one of my favorite modular buildings. I know this or a subtheme of the above has been discussed on many embedded threads before, but I thought it would be fun to have a dedicated thread for a ranking of the existing 11 modulars. I love them all for their unique qualities, except Market Street, that thing is not even allowed at the kiddie table for Thanksgiving. They may connect the buildings in a different order to create a slightly varying layout, but other than that LEGO Modular Building streets tend to look the same. The townhouse is where my sigfig currently calls home in my LEGO® city. Colosseum. However LEGO Modular Buildings actually lend themselves for expansion both upwards and sideways, and by this offering a lot more possibilities and variations. Lego 76139 1989 Batman Batmobile 40433 Mini Batmobile and 40338 Christmas tree. Only 15 left in stock - order soon. display it is more about the exterior aesthetics. While it has since been bumped out of that ranking, it still remains the largest modular building ever. I'm curious to hear your ranking and thoughts. Average rating 4.4out of 5 stars. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. The LEGO City Square kit is perfect for kids ages 6 to 12, as it will let them create their very own town, complete with buildings, cars, and even a tram. Fire Brigade8. Collecting, building, and displaying the LEGO Modular Buildings is a rewarding hobby in itself. Few of us will disagree. Both critiques and flaws with this set were fixed with the Town Hall (10224.). It was the first modular and LEGO was going for more of a model rather than coming with a fully interactive interior as the future models have come to show. If you are looking for just a single set under US$200, I recommend either the Detective’s Office (10246) or Brick Bank (10251). LEGO… Modular Buildings is a series of Lego building toy sets introduced in 2007. At the time that it was released, it also made the top 10 list of the largest LEGO® sets ever made. The LEGO® Group has re-released popular sets in the past, and I have gotten lucky once or twice by just happening to come across retired sets are regular (and sometimes discount) price years after they have gone. Detective's Office2. Explore sets for adult … There have been 13 sets released to date. Brick Bank – money ; 995 people have joined this week. FREE Shipping by Amazon. SET #: 10224# OF BRICKS: 2766PRICE: $249.99 CADMINIFIGURES: 8RELEASED: March 3, 2012COST/BRICK: $0.09NOTES: Sadly, I missed out on this set. Pet Shop - Cat chasing mouse out hole in back, painter with Price$549.99. 89. LEGO Modular Buildings. The dance studio is a bit underwhelming though. The kit includes pieces and instructions for a LEGO store, a delivery truck, car dealership, several cars, coffee shop, hotdog stand, and numerous other structures. LEGO Creator – Modular Buildings - Ranked (2007-2016) 10. LEGO has been releasing one new set each year, and with the most recent #10260 LEGO Creator Downtown Diner, we are up to thirteen buildings in the collection. Email to friends Share on Facebook ... LEGO Creator Log Cabin Classic House Custom Modular Building /MOC. With over 1,400 pieces, you are able to recreate this incredible car with some details that can’t be replicated by any other building set.

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