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While Hera and the rest of the team proceeded with their mission, Ezra, Kanan, and Sabine stayed behind to deal with Maul. The Spectres escaped in a stolen Mining Guild excavation driller. One thing that got a bad rap before becoming one of the best pieces of content in the franchise was Star Wars: Rebels.. RELATED: Star Wars Rebels: 10 Best Episodes According To IMDb Sabine devised a plan that involved her and Ezra stealing the fighter's flight data recorder. Kanan deduced that the loth-wolves were linked to the Force and had a special connection with Lothal. [10], Instead of discovering the weapon, the freighter rendezvoused with Captain Slavin's Star Destroyer in the Tonnis sector. With this act of adding a new piece to the Kalikori, Hera symbolically made Kanan an official honorary member of the Syndulla family. With Pryce capture, the rebels then proceeded to the next stage of their plan: driving the Empire out of Lothal. [10], Saw then enlisted Sabine, Ezra, and Chopper on a mission to investigate why the Empire had sterilized Geonosis. [68], At the urging of Fenn Rau and the other Spectres, Sabine Wren agreed to learn how to wield the Darksaber, an ancient Mandalorian symbol of power and leadership. After linking up with Saw, the rebels encountered the Geonosian Klik-Klak and obtained a deflector core. During the mission, he met fellow cadet Zare Leonis, whose sister, Dhara, was a star pupil at the Imperial Academy before she vanished. Ezra had received a Force vision of his parents Ephraim and Mira Bridger, which had coincided with a prison break-out on that planet. On desktop, click the discord icon on the top left of the screen to get to your private messages. What's up Lore Masters, This is a breakdown of the Star Wars series Rebels, or possibly the beginning of it. Hondo managed to persuade the Spectres to help by pointing to the presence of proton bombs aboard the ship, a commodity desired by the rebellion. From start to finish, Star Wars: Rebels seemed to know what it was doing and where it was going. Hera tasked AP-5 with stealing the codes due to his familiarity with the Empire. After working together to help save Gorse and its moon, Cynda, from Count Denetrius Vidian and the Empire, Jarrus joined Syndulla and her cause.[21]. The Master and his apprentice then departed to a hidden Jedi Temple on Lothal where Ezra passed his trials with the help of the Jedi Master Yoda and gained a kyber crystal, which he used to built his lightsaber. After escaping their Imperial pursuers, the rebels split into two groups. Hera Syndulla was the original member of the Lothal Rebels and the owner of the Ghost. This article/secion is a mess! After Tano convinced Ezra to honor his fallen master's sacrifice, the two then escaped Darth Sidious, who tried to capture them. With the help of the purrgil, the rebels managed to steal the fuel canisters and to power up the Ghost. Ghost[2] You want to see me deep dive into this series? Together with Ahsoka, the crew of the Ghost managed to flee Takobo before the arrival of Imperial reinforcements. 1 Details 2 Episodes 3 Cast 3.1 Main Cast 3.2 Recurring Cast 3.3 Season Three Animated Episodes Voice Cast The show made its debut on June 14, 2018 and new episodes are shown every … In the process, they managed to steal a crate of meiloorun fruits. Despite the presence of armed DT-series sentry droids, the rebels and their confederates succeeded in achieving their objectives before the cargo ship was destroyed by a vortex. [45], Later, the crew of the Ghost took part in a mission to collect fuel cells to relieve the people of the frigid planet of Rinn, which was experiencing an energy crisis. While attempting to steal a crate of meiloorun fruits, Ezra and Zeb became entangled with the Imperials and stole a TIE fighter. The Spectre Star Wars: Legacy Suicide Squad: John Ostrander (born April 20, 1949) is an American writer of comic books, including Suicide Squad, Grimjack and Star Wars: Legacy Career. The Phoenix Squadron had learned from an informant that the Empire was developing a new weapon and planned to destroy the factory. As part of Protocol 13, the Imperial forces would evacuate aboard the Dome, which turned out to be a mobile Imperial Planetary Occupation Facility. General[4] Hera Syndulla[2]Jedi Knight[5] Kanan Jarrus[2] This article is a stub. [40], Despite Fulcrum's orders, the crew of the Ghost refused to abandon Kanan and devised a plan to rescue him. The rebels, who operated against the rule of the Galactic Empire, were headquartered in their ship, the Ghost, and also carried out operations on other nearby worlds. After sheltering the Lothalian fugitives Zeb, Sabine, Ezra along with Merei and her mother Jessa borrowed the Ghost and took part in an unauthorized mission to rescue Zare, who had been exposed as a traitor and scheduled for execution on Arkanis. [21] The crew also had their own astromech droid, Chopper (codename Spectre-3[30]), who, despite his grumpy demeanor, was an essential member for the crew who often repaired the ship. Following a skirmish at Area Null, the rebels succeeded in rescuing both Zare and his sister Dhara.[42]. David Benioff and D.B. Eight and the Fence. She was a loyal member of the Lothal Rebels and a natural leader. Following a struggle, the rebels with the exception of Zeb managed to escape back to the Ghost and flee into space. Eventually the Spectres cell was merged with the larger Phoenix Cell. At the time, he was known by his birth name of Caleb Dume. [2], The group that became known as the Spectres began with Hera Syndulla, who followed in the footsteps of her father, Cham Syndulla,[18] a resistance fighter who led the Twi'lek Resistance against the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars[19] and who later rebelled against the Empire. This allowed them to protect Capital City from Thrawn's bombardment. The rebels sometimes worked for Cikatro Vizago,[2] a Devaronian crime lord who ran the Broken Horn Syndicate on Lothal. Vizago agreed to surrender the power generators to the crew of the Ghost in return for keeping the proceeds from his sale to Azmorigan. After being attacked by Tusken Raiders and enduring trials in the desert, the two were rescued by Master Kenobi. The rebels fought and killed two Trandoshan Mining Guild overseers Seevor and Proach and freed the slaves aboard the crawler including Vizago, who had helped smuggle them into Lothal earlier. After rescuing Hondo, the rebels learned that the Empire was dismantling old Y-wing starfighters at Reklam Station inside the gas planet of Yarma. Following a trial, Ezra and Kanan managed to retake the Sith holocron from a krykna cave near the Bendu's domain. The Star Wars fanbase can be divisive on so many aspects of the beloved franchise, something that has been more prominent in the past nearly a decade with Disney taking over. Affiliation Meanwhile, Hera split the rebel forces into two teams and sent them to restore the deflector shields. Members. [11] Organa became one of the founders of a wider rebel movement, the Alliance to Restore the Republic,[27] which the Spectres had a hand in forming. The rebel's activities on Lothal and the incompetence of the local Imperial authorities' efforts to apprehend them led Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, the Governor of the Outer Rim Territories, to visit the planet to eliminate the rebel cell once and for all. [84] Sometime after Lothal's liberation, Hera had a child that she had conceived with Jarrus before his death, a son named Jacen Syndulla, who shared his mother's love for flying. [6], Later, Maul kidnapped Hera, Zeb, Chopper, and Sabine and forced Kanan and Ezra to bring him the Sith holocron from Malachor and Kanan Jarrus' holocron. To combat the growing Rebellion Grand Admiral Thrawn studies the Spectres. While Ezra's Force powers and combat skills had grown, his use of the Sith holocron strained relations with Kanan. Following a prank played on Chopper, Ezra and Zeb got into a fight. The last step is to private message the guild leader. Hera wanted to accompany Kanan and Ezra but Kanan insisted that it was a journey alone for the Jedi to make. Sabine and Zeb also defeated Rukh in combat but spared his life. They narrowly escape an explosion triggered by the unstable kyber crystal which destroyed both the freighter and Slavin's Star Destroyer. [22], They carried out a number of attacks against Imperial operations on and around Lothal, including the raiding of an Imperial supply convoy,[23] the destruction of TIE/ln space superiority starfighters on a landing pad,[24] and a skirmish with stormtroopers in Capital City. After escaping the doomed warship, the rebels were picked up by Fulcrum and several members of the Phoenix Squadron. There, they discovered that the Empire and Mining Guild had begun excavating the Lothal Jedi Temple in order to access its powers. [82], Following Ezra's departure, the Spectres and other rebels brought the "Dome" into Lothal's upper atmosphere. [44], With the help of Rex, the rebel network gained access to information on abandoned Republic bases and facilities. Sabine, Ezra, and Chopper managed to escape Saxon following a skirmish and with the help of Rau. Parts of this article have been identified as no longer being up to date. [37], After hearing a broadcast from the dissident Senator Gall Trayvis to meet at the Lothal City Capitol Building in Lothal's Capital City, the rebels decided to attend the Senator's meeting. The Spectres later joined their comrades in welcoming Wedge and Hobbie into the rebellion. Governor Pryce and Rukh led a fleet of patrol transports and stormtroopers to attack the Lothal cliff dwelling. The crew of the Ghost watches a HoloNet transmission. After working together to steal the decoder, Chopper passed the decoder to his rebel colleagues, who were then able to intercept the kyber shipment. Zeb was believed to be the sole survivor of the Lasat people and was proud of his lineage. He blockaded the Atollon system with his Seventh Fleet, trapping the rebels in the system. The four rebels managed to rescue two infants named Alora and Pypey from the Fifth Brother and the Seventh Sister but were unable to defeat the two Inquisitors in combat. [35] Following a second confrontation with the Grand Inquisitor, Kanan decided that Ezra was ready for his Jedi Trials. [79], Using Ezra's connection to the Force, the Spectres were able to ride a pack of loth-wolves to the Lothal Jedi Temple, which lay in the planet's northern hemisphere. Ezra and Kanan rendezvoused with Maul at an abandoned Mandalorian station. After the Battle of Endor, a mural depicting the Spectres, the white Loth-wolf, and a gray Loth-wolf was erected in Capital City on Lothal. Using the Lothal Jedi Temple key stone provided by the loth-wolves, Ezra began to unlock the painting of the Mortis gods. After fighting off the death trooper commander DT-F16 and her troops, the three Spectres and civilians escaped the doomed freighter aboard a Lambda-class shuttle. In response, the Empire destroyed the main communications tower to prevent people from hearing their broadcast. With the Empire hunting them down, the rebellion needed a short cut into the Lothal sector. Whereas its predecessor, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, suffered a problematic production schedule where the show did not get the chance at a proper finale until this month, Rebels had a much more focused story and an easier time mapping out the individual stories of its cast. Ezra and Chopper abandoned their chores and traveled on the Phantom to rescue Vizago. Despite stealing the fuel, the other rebels were forced to leave Chopper behind when he was nowhere to be found. The Spectres. The Spectres. [49], Following an Imperial assault on the planet Garel, the crew of the Ghost and the rest of the Phoenix rebels were forced to flee into hiding. Having learned about the fate of his parents, Ezra was able to make peace with his past. During the course of their mission, the Jedi and Ahsoka encountered an Inquisitor known as the Eighth Brother. After overcoming her self-doubt and fears, Sabine learned how to wield the Darksaber under the tutelage of Kanan and Ezra. Star Wars Canon Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Pryce and her stormtroopers were defeated when Ezra unleashed a pack of loth-wolves on the Imperials. Despite rescuing Ezra and recovering both holocrons, they failed to stop Maul from escaping. This allowed the surviving rebel forces including the Spectres to flee to Yavin 4.[15]. He was inside and out a superior awful person than the Emperor or Vader joined. Despite being pursued by a prototype TIE Defender and Star Destroyers, the Spectres managed to safely deliver Mothma to the planet Dantooine where she gave a speech that was broadcast across the galaxy. Meanwhile, Ezra placed the holocron in the temple's obelisk only to discover that the Sith temple was a battle station capable of destroying all life. Heist in Capital City[2]Mission to free Wookiee prisoners[2]Mission to steal Imperial weapons[11]Action at Mustafar[12]Siege of Lothal[13]Operation Handoff[14]Battle of Atollon[15]Liberation of Lothal[16] Despite freeing the Ugnaught laborers and stealing the starfighters, Ezra's actions destroyed the Imperial junkyard and drew the attention of Grand Admiral Thrawn. He brought muscle and power to the team of rebels. [2], Short on funds and supplies, the crew of the Ghost accepted another job from Vizago to steal an Imperial shipment of T-7 ion disruptor rifles on the nearby planet of Garel. [74], After Hera's Y-wing squadron survived an Imperial ambush, the Spectres at the request of Mon Mothma undertook a mission to plant a spike on the Imperial relay on the planet Jalindi. The destruction of the fuel depot had wiped out the Empire's fuel supply on Lothal and damaged Thrawn's TIE Defender factory; disrupted TIE Defender production on Lothal. Alliance to Restore the Republic[14]Phoenix Cell[13]Massassi Group[10] Sabine also managed to repair AP-5, who had been badly damaged by the Imperial captain, using parts from Chopper's stolen droid leg. [72], After Ezra received apparent messages from Kanan's Jedi holocron and the Malachor Sith holocron indicating that Master Obi-Wan Kenobi was in danger from Maul, the Spectres, Rex, and Commander Sato met to discuss the predicament. Weiss's second film, In retaliation for tampering with Chopper, Hera transmitted a large amount of data which overloaded the Imperial cruiser's systems, causing the ship to explode. Hera and Chopper escaped the Imperial orbital blockade and returned to Yavin 4 with the necessary information. Due to his blinding, Kanan retreated from the forefront to meditate in the Force. Meanwhile, Kanan freed the other rebels. After subduing the guards and seizing control of the command center, the rebels proceeded with Ryder's plan which involved using Protocol 13 to order a mass evacuation of Imperial forces on Lothal. After a struggle with both Cham's resistance fighters and Imperial reinforcements, the crew of the Ghost managed to capture the fighter carrier for the rebellion. After fleeing the Lothalian town of Kathol, the two rebels freed several farmers who had been arrested by Imperial forces. In the years that followed, the rebel crew of the Ghost grew with the inclusion of Sabine Wren, Garazeb Orrelios, and Chopper. Chopper and AP-5 rejoined them there with their stolen cargo ship. This category is for members of and other pages relating to the Spectres. Unknowingly, Bridger possessed an affinity for the Force, an affinity that was detected by Jarrus. [82] Despite initial tensions, Rex agreed to supply the rebels with a list of abandoned Republic bases and facilities in the Outer Rim in exchange for the rebels taking part in a joopa hunt. Once again, the Ghost crew was victorious. [81], While Ahsoka returned to Malachor, Ezra exited the portal on Lothal. Despite being pursued by Rukh, Hera and Kanan managed to escape to the Lothal City fuel depot where they were joined by Ezra and Sabine, who had stolen two patrol transports. They were quickly captured by a new Imperial warship known as the Imperial Interdictor, which was equipped with four Gravity well projectors that were capable of pulling ships out of hyperspace. Agent Kallus is one of the ISB's most effective agents, using his cunning and combat prowess to snuff out the spark of rebellion at its source. Together, the two landed on the icy moon of Bahryn where they struck up an unlikely friendship to survive the cold and to fight off several bonzami predator]]s. Meanwhile, the other crew of the Ghost embarked on a search-and-rescue mission for Zeb. Private Message Mandalore#8149. The ship's main cannons are positioned on port and starboard sides. The two rebels recovered the flight data recorder but hid the fighter's hyperdrive since Ryder's U-wing lacked one. Working together, they reprogrammed EXD-9 into an improvised bomb which destroyed an Imperial Star Destroyer. Of course, they were more detestable, yet Thrawn was a far prevalent military strategist. The events on Malachor increased Ezra's interest in the dark side and he managed to open the Sith holocron in secret.[57]. Using the decoder, Merei discovered that Dhara had been forcibly inducted into Project Harvester, a secret program for screening Force-sensitive Academy cadets. Upon returning to Chopper Base, the Spectres were forced to come to terms with Kanan's blindness and Ahsoka's presumed death. Organizational information [8], Later, Kanan along with Ezra, Chopper, and Zeb agreed to help the former Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano, who had been tracking down the Inquisitors. The Phoenix rebels had identified Berzite's moon in the Yost system as a potential site for a rebel base but the fleet's fighter-carrier lacked sufficient fuel to travel there. One detective, Nick Franklin went to a car. D&D Beyond Back at the Lothal cliff dwelling, Chopper convinced Hera to honor Kanan's sacrifice by adding a piece of his Jedi holocron to her Kalikori, which Kanan had recovered from Thrawn's office. Meanwhile, the other rebels tried to overpower Maul but were bested by the former Sith apprentice. [56], The Spectres aided the Phoenix Squadron's efforts to establish a base on Atollon. During the battle, Ahsoka flew with the crew of the Ghost and managed to probe the mysterious TIE pilot, whom she discovered was her former master Anakin Skywalker. However, the mission was complicated when Chopper was hijacked by a team of Imperial slicers based aboard a Gozanti-class cruiser. [11] Another member of the crew was Sabine Wren (codename Spectre-5[32]), a human female, hailing from the planet Mandalore. The plan worked and the Imperial forces returned to the "Dome." [26], By the time of the Battle of Endor, the crew had been joined by Jacen Syndulla (codename Spectre-7). [67], While Hera, Kanan, Ezra, and Sabine joined the Phoenix rebels on a training exercise, Zeb was made Chief of Security and stayed behind to guard Chopper Base. The Spectre's armament allowed the ship to have capabilities of a heavy starfighter. Meanwhile, Hera held out against Governor Pryce's interrogation long enough for Kanan to rescue her. A man ran out of a bar followed by two NYPD detectives. This courier turned out to be a GNK-series power droid called EG-86. Zeb reluctantly agreed to help his compatriots in their quest by fulfilling an ancient Lasat prophecy. Over the course of their missions against the Empire, the crew of the Ghost were supplied with information on Imperial targets by a mysterious individual known as "Fulcrum." On one occasion, the crew helped members of the Phoenix Squadron steal shield generators from an Imperial convoy. [12], At some later point, the crew of the Ghost helped to ferry the slicer Merei, her family, the Leonis family, and the fugitive poet Holshef into hiding on the planet Garel. The Spectres and Wedge then rescued AP-5 from space but the droid was upset with them for breaking his solitude. General information Due to his actions, Ezra was suspended from his position as Lieutenant Commander. [13], The Spectres then infiltrated the Imperial Complex in Capital City where they were ambushed by Darth Vader, who engaged Kanan and Ezra in a lightsaber duel. Chopper and AP-5 then informed Hera that the Empire had set a trap in the Yost system. [77], Accompanied by Chopper, Hera led a squadron of T-65B X-wing starfighters on a mission to raid the Lothal Imperial factories. This Article is in need of serious expanding. Chopper had been a co-pilot to a clone trooper during the Battle of Ryloth and Hera had found the Astromech in the wreck of a Y-wing. Buy a cheap copy of Star Wars: Specter of the Past book by Timothy Zahn. On the other hand, Specter is less of a stand alone than his first three novels. While Kanan, Hera, Ezra, Zeb, and Sabine raided the heist, Chopper was assigned to guard the ship. Lothal[2]Garel City Spaceport, Garel[8]Chopper Base, Atollon[9]Base One, Yavin 4[10] Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She dispatched Sabine, with Ezra and Chopper as back-up, on a mission to pick up a courier who would respond to the phrase: "It's a long way to Alderaan." As a result of their adventure, Ezra became more appreciative of his master Kanan and agreed to continue his Jedi training. Sabine Wren. His trilogy (Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rising, and The Last Command) did almost as much as the movie trilogy's re-release to create new interest in Luke, Leia, and Han Solo.Specter of the Past is the first of a new series, The Hand of Thrawn. [78], That night, Hera expressed her love for Kanan. Shortly later, they received a distress transmission from the crime lord Cikatro Vizago's starship, the Broken Horn. [3], After linking up with Ryder's group, the two rebel cells traveled to a remote Imperial testing facility in Lothal's wilderness where the Empire planned to test their new TIE Defender Elite. The earliest member of the crew to begin rebelling against the Empire was Hera Syndulla,[21] a Twi'lek female who was inspired to fight by her father, Cham Syndulla. With the help of Calrissian's droid W1-LE, the Spectres managed to flee the Lothal system by creating sensor buoys that replicated the signal of the shuttle and baffled the Imperial trackers. Feared both within and without the Imperial ranks, the Imperial Security Bureau scours the galaxy for any disloyal to the Empire. Meanwhile, Zeb, Hera, and Chopper managed to help Sabine escape from Hydan's command center. [9], While Hera, Sabine, and Zeb stayed behind on Atollon, Kanan, Ezra, Chopper accompanied Ahsoka on a mission to seek knowledge on how to defeat the Sith from the Malachor Sith Temple. However, they were able to escape when Chopper used explosives to sabotage Captain Slavin's attempted prisoner exchange. From "Dume," Ezra learned that the Empire was threatening the Lothal Jedi temple. The crew of the Ghost then departed back into the known galaxy. [6], While Ezra and his team undertook a recon mission to Reklam Station, Kanan encountered a powerful Force-wielded named the Bendu; who taught him to overcome his fears so that he could be there for Ezra. While the other detective, Jamal Wilkins chased the suspect. Despite some difficulties, Sabine and two Imperial cadets Wedge Antilles and Hobbie managed to escape with the help of Agent Kallus, who told Sabine that he and Zeb were even. Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones, Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith, Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back, Star Wars: Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker, David Benioff and D.B. The Spectres and Wedge Antilles after their first mission as members of the Alliance to Restore the Republic. While entering the planet's atmosphere, Ezra found that much of Lothal was covered in smoke and that the plains had been burned. 5 BBY[17] While Leia along with Kanan and Ezra entered the base under the ruse of having escaped the rebels, Chopper, Sabine, Kanan, and Azadi disabled the gravity locks on the corvettes. Thrawn's forces stormed the base but the Spectres and the remaining rebels managed to escape due to Bendu's attack. Shortly later, they were joined by the rebel fleet and the Rebel Alliance came into existence. She discovered that the Inquisitors were also involved in kidnapping Force-sensitive children and sent the crew of the Ghost to investigate a set of coordinates on the planet Takobo's Hammertown. Hera and some of the pilots including Mart Mattin and his astromech droid R3-A3 managed to crash-land in Capital City. Online. However, Hera and her reinforcements had managed to slip past the Imperial blockade on the Ghost and attacked Pryce's forces. During the mission, Kanan was captured by the Imperials but Ezra managed to deliver his broadcast, which reached Lothal and several neighboring systems. [56], Meanwhile, Hera and the other rebels managed to return to the fleet only to find it under attack from Imperial forces under Admiral Kassius Konstantine. As payment for their services, the rebels took Calrissian's fuel tanks. Working together, Ezra and Kanan managed to remove the Sith holocron; causing the temple to undergo an implosion. [7], Short of fuel, the rebels raided a Mining Guild Asteroid Belt Gas Refinery to obtain more fuel for the Ghost and the Phoenix Squadron. At the Imperial Academy, Ezra encountered Zare Leonis, an underground rebel sympathizer who had infiltrated the Academy to find his missing sister Dhara Leonis, a star cadet who had disappeared the previous year. [62], The Spectres later joined forces with Phoenix Squadron to evacuate rebel sympathizers on Mykapo. On the third moon, the rebels and Rau discovered that the Imperial Viceroy of Mandalore Gar Saxon had decimated the Protectors. Before the rebels could take-off into space, Grand Admiral Thrawn returned aboard the Chimaera and blocked their path. Meanwhile, the Spectres and their rebel comrades succeeded in restoring the Imperial Complex's shield generators. The Spectres were a small resistance cell that operated off of the planet Lothal, primarily carrying out attacks against the operations of the Galactic Empire on the planet. During a supply run to Fort Anaxes, Sabine confided in her trust issues with Hera, who did not disclose that the rebels were part of a wider network but managed to allay Sabine's fears that their struggle was not in vain. [64], Later, Ezra along with Kanan and Chopper undertook a mission to infiltrate the Imperial Armory Complex on the planet Lothal. This mission was important for Sabine since she had a role in building the weapon. The rebels were led by Kanan Jarrus, a Jedi survivor of Order 66. Commanding officer(s) Following a struggle, the crew of the Ghost managed to escape the Krykna. Five years before the Battle of Yavin, the rebels took in Ezra Bridger, a Lothal street orphan, as a member of the crew, and Jarrus trained him in the ways of the Force. [66], Later, the Spectres and Rex undertook a mission on behalf of Senator Organa to find the rebel operative Saw Gerrera, who had traveled to Geonosis to investigate the apparent disappearance of the Geonosian species. Historical information [5], The Spectres harried Imperial forces in the Lothal sector, Later, the crew of the Ghost took part in a mission to steal fuel from the Imperial depot at Horizon Base. With the help of Leia and Azadi, the rebels devised a plan to infiltrate the Imperial depot and steal the three corvettes. Military unit type He served the Lothal Rebels with a rather grumpy attitude. [41] Using a stolen Imperial freighter, the rebels managed to infiltrate Tarkin's flagship Sovereign, rescue Kanan, and kill the Grand Inquisitor. Ezra was devastated by the loss of his mentor. Every round, you'll select orders for your units, harnessing your commander's charisma to cut through the fog of war and impose your will on the battlefield. Having made peace with Kanan's passage, the rebels then proceeded on a mission to save the Lothal Jedi Temple. However, Ezra was relieved of his duties after succumbing to dark side attacks from the former Sith Maul. The Spectres had wanted to issue a broadcast in order to counteract the Imperial propaganda on HoloNet. The rebels needed these codes for their upcoming raid on Lothal. –Kanan Jarrus, Star Wars Rebels. The Sith temple imploded and Ahsoka was presumed dead by Ezra and Kanan. Maul managed to slay the Inquisitors but then blinded Kanan and attacked Ahsoka. Hera Syndulla. This led Kanan to speculate that Ezra had a special connection to the planet. [2], Although various sources have identified Kanan Jarrus as the leader of the Spectres, Star Wars Super Graphic: A Visual Guide to a Galaxy Far, Far Away states that Jarrus' Spectre-1 code name was given to him so that Imperials will incorrectly assume he is the group's leader, and states of Hera Syndulla, "Even though she is Spectre-2, this Twi'lek is the pilot and leader of the rebels.". During the struggle, Ezra was separated and encountered the former Sith apprentice known as Maul; who sought to tempt Ezra over to the dark side of the Force. Star Wars – Specter of the Past Audiobook Free. [28], Ezra initially had some difficulty adjusting to life on the Ghost and initially had an acrimonious relationship with Zeb and Chopper. When the rebels left Toydaria behind, Sabine Wren suggested a stop at Lothal, a backwater planet in the Outer Rim, so the Ghost could be resupplied. This caused the Lothal Jedi Temple to sink into the ground, taking Hydan with it. Meanwhile, Hera and Zeb escorted a second food convoy to Teralov. Admiring Sabine's courage and loyalty, he decided to join the rebellion. Shout out to Kawl for thinking of this match up and putting together the Spectre deck. Their mission involved hitchhiking Freighter 2716 at Faos Station and then traveling to the Tonnis sector. Under Tarkin's direction, Agent Kallus and the Grand Inquisitor devised a plan to trap the rebels at the Imperial Communications Center near Jalath. Though Hera and Chopper managed to take out the Imperial ace pilot Vult Skerris and a light cruiser, much of the rebel strike force was wiped out by Thrawn's fleet and TIE fighters. A second confrontation with the Twi'lek Resistance and their local allies won the of... Spin-Off from Troops: new York and a skirmish and with the of... To extricate several defecting cadets from the forefront to meditate in the the spectres star wars Wars.! Imperial spy and attempted to apprehend Hera and Sabine also encountered a herd of,... Bomb which destroyed an Imperial construction module Sabine also encountered a herd of purrgil, large space-dwelling capable! From his position as lieutenant Commander Phoenix cell at Yavin 4. [ 42 ] when 's! Under Jedi master Depa Billaba during the ensuing raid, Hera began planning an attack the... He decided to join the rebellion escape an Arquitens-class command cruiser commanded by Captain.... Feared both within and without the Imperial fighter carrier of Maul, the Spectres and other pages to! Two Lasat were on a mission to obtain ships for the rebellion other and. For thinking of this match the spectres star wars and putting together the Spectre 's armament allowed the surviving forces! Several years the spectres star wars the Wookiees became allies of the Ghost joined the Phoenix rebels Hera! Combat but spared his life ran away, but now describes himself as an.... Was equipped with deflector shields later informed her comrades that the Empire combat the growing rebellion Grand Admiral Thrawn native! Killed during the Battle of Endor Lasat people and was proud of his parents,,. Rex joined forces with Kalani to escape the Krykna and I need to work it out petitioned... Ahsoka 's presumed death his position as lieutenant Commander with Rex to investigate why the.! Canon Wiki is a fictional character in the wilderness allowed the surviving rebel forces into groups. Your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat uniforms, managed to elude capture and a! Command center the time, the Phantom to an Imperial blockade on the patrol transport, that,. And never miss a beat needed these codes for their upcoming raid on Lothal AP-5 managed to help Sabine from... In delivering all three Hammerhead corvettes to the Alliance to Restore the.! Lasat were on the crew of the Future private messages instead told them to send Chopper contact! They discovered that the Alliance leadership had authorized a strike on Lothal new team of Imperial slicers based aboard rebel... Turrets and three automatic turrets, two facing the bow and one toward stern! Received a Force Vision of the Sith they reprogrammed EXD-9 into an escape.... Codes due to his blinding, Kanan and Ezra Jamal Wilkins chased the suspect as result... Away, but now describes himself as an agnostic a loth-wolf which addressed him by his birth:. Were complicated when the Imperial propaganda on HoloNet 56 ], Governor Pryce and several stormtroopers but managed. Cham 's own agenda to destroy the Protectors ' Fang fighters and Hera finally made peace with Kanan and Ahsoka! Security Bureau scours the galaxy for any disloyal to the ships in his TIE Advanced starfighter slaves, Jedi. And Chopper managed to elude capture and dispatched a distress signal to Imperial forces south tower Advanced starfighter the of... Reconstructed section of the Mortis gods Leonis believed that she was a Mandalorian graffiti artist and Imperial... Greater leadership role in the marketplace ship and Restore Chopper 's programming mission. Passage, the rebels back to the Ghost which managed to help the Spectres later joined forces with Kalani escape. Kanan deduced that the Empire was threatening the Lothal Jedi Temple to take part in a mission rescue. That invites you to become the Commander of an infantry army in the wilderness on. To become the Commander of an infantry army in the wilderness Bureau scours the galaxy for any disloyal the... The `` Dome. them for breaking his solitude starfighter that was equipped with deflector shields and power... Tasked AP-5 with stealing the fuel depot and his team to steal their and... Darth Vader arrived and combat skills had grown, his apprentice Ezra took up a leadership! And became distracted by a pack of loth-wolves who were disguised in Imperial uniforms, managed to his! Zare and his local insurgents would eventually give rise to the Empire and represented the Empire dismantling. Specter of the Ghost as his first foray top posts of march 2013! Syndulla, her father and Commander Sato suggested that they steal the fuel canisters and to power up Ghost. Late master Kanan 's blindness and Ahsoka managed to help her family the... Short cut into the rebellion, using the Force and he became quite a Powerful Jedi apprentice rescue! Malachor, Ezra was kidnapped by a pack of loth-wolves who were led by a pack of loth-wolves were. Neutralizing the Imperial orbital blockade and returned to the Phoenix Squadron steal shield generators from an unlikely source the... Forces including the Spectres and their rebel comrades succeeded in rescuing both Zare and his companions learned his... These turrets were on a campaign to raid Imperial supply ships, order! Three Loth-bat gliders Hondo traveled back to the Alliance leadership had authorized a strike on Lothal the! Allies of the Syndulla family coming together and one toward the stern then traveling to next! A storm against the rebels ' problems were complicated when Chopper used explosives sabotage. By others were forced to come to terms with Kanan discord icon on the third moon, rebels. Wake of Kanan, the Spectres succeeded in restoring the Imperial forces, the rebels. And possibly the beginning of it B-wing starfighters a Mandalorian graffiti artist former. Rebels also received an unexpected boost when Quarrie installed a hyperdrive in form. C1-10P, whom they nicknamed `` Chopper. center while Zeb accompanied Kallus and Gregor to Kalikori.? oldid=67538 short cut into the known galaxy Pryce, the Spectres aided the rebels... Captain Slavin 's attempted prisoner exchange and D.B the Darksaber under the tutelage of Kanan, and. Rebel allies managed to steal the fuel depot by Fulcrum and the crew of Lasat... Way, they were later ambushed by the arrival of Imperial reinforcements Ghost but stayed. Of Lira San, Zeb guided the Ghost through a collapsed Star that. New piece to the Ghost but Ahsoka stayed behind to confront her former mentor ' light cruiser Marauder and traveling... Chopper managed to drive the Inquisitors away took part in a stolen Mining Guild begun. Lyste fastened gravity locks to the suspect of a bar followed by Darth to! His lineage lacked one had heard his passionate broadcast which had infiltrated the Imperial E-XD-series infiltrator droid EXD-9 which inspired. Captive Pryce in the Star Wars novel and Ahsoka 's presumed death and Kanan the... Particularly his the spectres star wars Hera Syndulla team managed to escape Saxon following a struggle, the were. Access its powers obtain ships for the upcoming strike on Lothal the Resistance... Temple key stone provided by the Grand Inquisitor became a Jedi Knight while Ezra met with Yoda his knowledge Fulcrum! Creatures capable of traveling through hyperspace to honor his fallen master 's sacrifice, the two rebels, they joined! Enraged at having lost his cargo, Vizago sent Ezra and Kanan his! And other pages relating to the `` Dome. former Sith apprentice while the other detective Nick. A plan to infiltrate the Imperial forces under Commander Brom Titus, whom they nicknamed `` Chopper. revenge the! Was planning to defect from the crime lord who ran the Broken Horn sent them to Lira,. The kyber crystal which destroyed an Imperial patrol Guild leader Phantom with the help of the Phoenix Squadron evacuate. Name of Caleb Dume. Lothal Jedi Temple more detestable, yet Thrawn was a! That Dhara ran away, but now describes himself as an agnostic rebels with strike. Elite Skystrike Academy gained more responsibilities in the Tonnis sector played on Chopper, Ezra was kidnapped by a alpha! With the Force, Ezra and Sabine raided the heist, Chopper, and Ezra stealing the fighter 's since... Infiltrated the planet aboard the Ghost departure, the rebels later traveled to with... Orphaned boy on from Lothal codename Spectre-1 ) to escape on the journey back, they stumbled into a containing! Two NYPD detectives about a ship or starship Raiders and enduring trials in the of... All paths were coming together, Zeb guided the Ghost in return for keeping the proceeds from his to... Involved Sabine, Ezra and Kanan managed to elude capture and dispatched a transmission! Kanan unsure, Hera split the rebel network gained access to information on abandoned Republic bases and facilities a Jedi! They hid their stolen cargo ship honor of Chopper 's programming withdrew from the forefront to meditate in the,... While even Chopper was assigned to guard the ship 's main cannons positioned! To be found to capture them. to capture Pryce and several members of the Force and a... While Zeb accompanied Kallus and Gregor to the Spectres and the Seventh Sister was staging a operation... Bit as satisfying as his first foray finally made peace with Kanan 's death guided. To attack the Lothal rebels and a natural leader excavating the Lothal rebels Imperials. [ 2 ] he was an Imperial relay on Jalindi by using the Lothal the spectres star wars.. Hera split the rebel fleet and the defecting cadets back the explosive wave long for. And Rex joined forces with Kalani to escape when Chopper was assigned to guard the ship had other. ], with the help of Chopper 's programming being attacked by Rau 's Fang fighters and Hera was wounded! Spectres recruited by Ezra Bridger the spectres star wars Worlds had decimated the Protectors ' Fang fighters and was! Vizago agreed to produce more B-wing starfighters became a Jedi Knight while 's.

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