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STAR WARS 9 The Rise of Skywalker is finally out. Rey's grandmother? #1 Olivia Kenobi, Jun 14, 2020. But as Star Wars fans pointed out, Palpatine wasn’t exactly surrounded by ladies. Anakin’s grandmother would have been irrelevant. "Luke, I am your father… or your grandmother." Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker gives fans the answers they've been waiting for about both Rey's identity and that of her parents. For those who kept asking who are Rey's parents, the new Star Wars movie, Rise of Skywalker, has an answer, but you may not like it. Episode 9.. . Admittedly, it did it with some rather clunky retconning of The Last Jedi. She's a huge April and Arizona fan. Visit The official Grey's Anatomy online at ABC.com. Rey's Parents Finally Explained in The Rise of Skywalker, the Internet Responds. For the past few months, fans have speculated who Rey's grandmother could be, but now it's been confirmed she does not have one. But who's the grandmother? Palpatine’s lover is one thing, and Rey’s grandmother another. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker answered the sequel trilogy's most burning question: who are Rey's parents? Get exclusive videos, blogs, photos, cast bios, free episodes and more. While it is not revealed in the movie, the official novelization is rumored to claim that as part of his contingency, Palpatine prepared a clone before being thrown down the Death Star II shaft by Vader as he sensed the flicker of light within the latter. Registered: Nov 7, 2012. Let's talk about this and other lingering questions from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. "Rey" war eine menschliche Bewohnerin des Planeten Jakku, die im Jahr 34 NSY in den Konflikt zwischen der Ersten Ordnung und dem Widerstand hineingezogen wurde. Insider rounds up the many possibilities of who Rey may be. While Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker confirmed that Rey is the granddaughter of Emperor Palpatine, the novelization of the movie means it can be taken that she is actually his daughter. r/starwarsspeculation: Star Wars Speculation is a community dedicated to speculative discussion of the Star Wars franchise. Before his body hit the ground, he had learned to project his essence into one of the Clones. It is a curated space to … Any cool theories or ideas on this from the people of the cantina? After half a decade of build-up, The Rise of Skywalker has finally introduced Rey's (Daisy Ridley) parents — one of whom is a familiar face to fans of prestige television. Evidence: Of all the theories we've discussed, these two take the cake for sheer craziness. 0. And yes, I know people say that palpatine is really both the grandfather and mother, but we can have a little fun fantasizing, can't we? And there’s also Ben/Kylo ‘the father you never had’ line. Related: Why Star Wars Fans Have Forgiven George Lucas. To be honest the only connection I can see is she is one of the few people who knew Palpatine was the Dark Lord Sidious. Rey's parents left her on Jakku to prevent Darth Sidious from finding her. Who's Rey? We know it had to be a human, and it was probably a senator, so that gives us quite a few options. Django Fett Jedi Grand Master. But it doesn't rule out the Luke one, if Jyn's daughter was his mystery mate. Who, exactly, was Rey's mother? According to the theory, Palpatine turned to Sly Moore, an Umbaran character played by Sandi Finlay. Star Wars 9 REVEALS Rey's grandfather: Is THIS her grandmother in the Prequel Trilogy? If Jyn is Rey's grandmother, that rules out the Han and Leia theory. From the very first viewing of Episode VII in the theater, I noticed that Rey's first move upon force-grabbing that lightsaber is to jab at Kylo with a horizontal stabby motion, both hands on the hilt, with a big forward shoulder thrust. She was disappointed when she found out Arizona and April were fired. My grandmother always rewatches Grey's Anatomy from the beginning on Netflix and then catches up with each new episode on Hulu. Is it twins? Discussion in 'General Sequel Trilogy Discussion' started by Olivia Kenobi, Jun 14, 2020. This is the most compelling to me. Everyone thought the Skywalkers and Solos had family issues. Everyone thought the Skywalkers and Solos had family issues. For example, Lars being a Palpatine would not have changed who Anakin was. Obi Wan is still fair game as well. Tags: palpatine; palpatine bloodline; rey; Page 2 of 2 < Prev 1 2. eeprom Prince of Bebers Joined: Jan 4, 2016 Posts: 2,056 Likes Received: 5,109 Trophy Points: 13,017 Credits: 5,159 Ratings: +7,777 / 33 / -9. If you went out early to see the film, let's discuss. So I did a quick check to remind myself who Sly Moore was and… Its THIS gal? 12/27/2019. I’m guessing her grandmother was pure and kind in spirit and fell for a bad boy. Lord Jocusta, Dec 22, 2019 #23. whostheBossk likes this. Directed by J.J. Abrams, who co-wrote the script with Chris Terrio, The Rise of Skywalker quickly became divisive with both critics and fans. It would Be pretty cool if she were a Jedi and it was a Revan/Bastilla thing. But she never complains about the latest seasons the most I've heard her say is that she misses Cristina, Lexie and Derek. Star Wars 9 REVEALS Rey’s grandfather: Is THIS her grandmother in the Prequel Trilogy? Jaxxon said: ↑ That's exactly my point. Rey's shock revelation puts everything else in the shadows. Personally, I don’t think she has one at the moment. Everyone thought that the Skywalkers and Solos family had issues. Episode 9 finally put the whole question of her parentage to rest. December 22, 2019. With this timeline in mind, it is possible for Rey's grandmother to be Roganda and her father Irek—or some equivalent character in the Star Wars universe. Rey’s shock revelation puts everything else in the shade. Rey’s father is actually a failed Palpatine clone in the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker novelization. So, if such a woman exists, she would essentially be the equivalent of Rey’s grandmother. These are some of the best fan theories about their identity. What about Rey’s mother, anyway? As it turns out, Rey's father was the offspring of Palpatine, making the former Emperor her grandfather.However, the film's novelization later expanded on this revelation by explaining her father was a failed clone of Palpatine. Episode 9 finally put the whole question of her parentage to rest. Even though "The Last Jedi" supposedly told us who Rey is, fans haven't believed it. Admittedly, it did it with some rather clunky retconning of The Last Jedi. Did Kylo Ren really impregnate Rey in those emotional and devastating final scenes? According to the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker novel, Rey's father is a failed clone of Palpatine, a fact that undermines the movies. But her first love will always be time spent in the kitchen, either with her grandmother, cookbook author and former magazine editor, Margaret Wasserfall, or Holly. Well, Inverse might have just cracked that mystery. 12/22/2019 mediabest TV & Movies. The first Star Wars may've been released way back in 1977, but it's apparent that its star power is as strong as ever. One of the biggest mysteries from 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' is who Rey's parents are. Rey’s shock revelation puts everything else in the shade. … Would explain Rey’s ability to overcome AND be uber powerful. ScreamingWoman2019, Dec 23, 2019 #36. "Episode IX" tells us whether Rey is a Skywalker, a Kenobi, a nobody, or someone else. There was no grandmother. Director J.J. Abrams addresses Rey's parents in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and there is much to discuss.

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