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Abu Dhabi embassy list, with contact tel numbers, location, visa processing and other information. 03 Nov 2015 - ambassador reported as Abrahima Sory Sylla (WAM). PO Box 46752, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. 05 Jun 2012 (WAM) - new ambassador reported as Ahmad Rasheed (Ahmed Rashid?). He was previously ambassador in Addis Ababa, Zagreb, and Pretoria (Swedish MOFA press release). 09 Apr 2009 - opening of refurbished UK visa application center in Khalidiyah announced (press release). 07 Oct 2012 (WAM) - new Canadian Ambassador to the UAE reported as Arif Lalani. Be informed. 28 May 2013 - Cyprus ambassador Elpidoforos Economou reported as leaving (WAM). Phone +995 32 255 03 20. For passport release, check AUH Philippine website ( for published lists of passports ready for collection. The attackers were reportedly Taliban terrorists or fighters or militants (depending on your point of view). Opening hours 0800-1500 Sunday to Thursday. Fax +91-11-4707-8603. +965-535-4707. Previous ambassador was Abdullah Hussain Mohammad Al Dafei? 28 Oct 2015 - new ambassador, Constancio R. Vingno, Jr., replaces Grace Relucio Princesa. Diplomatic relations between Georgia and the State of Kuwait were established on 3 September, 1992. Sep 2007 - UK visa application center opened in Abu Dhabi. details not supplied. Postal address: PO Box 30023, Abu Dhabi, UAE. Closed for lunch 12pm-1pm, closed Fri and Sat. Who's here knows the contact number of Georgia Consulate in Abu Dhabi? Postal address: Saudi Arabia Embassy UAE, PO Box 4057, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Telephone: +971-2-4445700, fax: +971-2-4448491, email: [email protected], website: or New ambassador name not supplied. Georgia Embassy list in Oman. Postal address: New Zealand Embassy, PO Box 62292, Abu Dhabi, UAE. 15 May 2012 (WAM) - new ambassador reported as Orazumyrat Gurbannazarov. Opening hours (last checked 29 May 2013): Diplomatic section 0900-1200 Sun-Thu. He was Consul General in Dubai before moving to Abu Dhabi (or there are two Kenyan diplomats in the UAE with the name Kariuki Mugwe). - UK Embassy Abu Dhabi information. 18 October 2018: New ambassador to the UAE announced: Matthew Hawkins. Location of embassy not provided. Official website is On 26.01.2020, H.E. 21 Oct 2013 (WAM) - Ambassador Abdullah Bin Mohamed Al Othman reported as leaving. Location is Al Nahyan Camp district, near Dar Al Shifa Hospital and Emirates National School For Girls. Unknown how up to date this information is. Embassy of in . Some sources have website listed as, which lists Russian consulates and embassies worldwide, but is not an official Russian government website. Georgia Embassy list in Sudan. Ambassador is Semakula Kiwanuka. New (from 01 Jun 2014): Street 8, Sector W48 (Plot 51, Sector [4?] Website. Embassy of in . Register your trip with the US Department of State! The Georgian Embassy in Kuwait represents the UAE. 18 Dec 2012 (WAM) - new Malaysian ambassador reported as Ahmed Anwar Bin Adnan. Philippine Ambassadors to the UAE (ref: AUH Philippine Embassy). VFS Call Center for Abu Dhabi is in Dubai - tel +971-4-2055800, operating hours 0900-1700 Sun-Thu (0900-1500 during Ramadan). ), reported as leaving. Website at Address 11 George Balanchine Street Tbilisi, Georgia, 0131. See also foreign embassies in UAE page. Tel for visa enquiries +971-4-2055800 Today is one of the most important days in the recent history of . Name also seen written as Dhananjay Jha. Urgent vias applications from Abu Dhabi can be processed in Dubai by contacting the Abu Dhabi call center (which is in Dubai). Working hours: Sunday to Thursday 0800-1415 (1400 on Thursday), additionally 1700-2000 on Wednesday. Answer 1 of 13: Hi everyone! Postal address: Embassy of France in Abu Dhabi (Ambassade de France), PO Box 4014, Abu Dhabi, Emirats Arabes Unis (EAU). 21 November 2011 (WAM news) - New Luxembourg Embassy, and Trade & Investment Office of Luxembourg in the UAE opened in Abu Dhabi. 1995 Jun: Najda Street, villa nos (? UK visa applications in Abu Dhabi, UAE - for residents and/or nationals of UAE (Abu Dhabi emirate), Bahrain, Pakistan. 03 May 2010 (WAM): New Palestinian embassy building opened in Abu Dhabi, by Mahmoud Abbas, President of Palestine. The Embassy of Georgia to the United States is located at: 1824 R Street NW, Washington, DC 20009 Phone: (202) 387-2390 E-mail: [email protected] 08 Aug 2013 (WAM) - new Sudanese ambassador reported as Ahmed Yousef Siddiq Ahmad (Ahmed Yousef Mohammed Al Siddiq). Postal address: Embassy of Japan in the United Arab Emirates, PO Box 2430, Abu Dhabi, UAE. Saleh, If you have UAE resident VISA, you can get VISA on arrival in Georgia. 29 May 2011 (WAM) - Mauritanian Ambassador to the UAE is Hamid Ould Ahmed Taleb. 20 Jun 2013 (WAM) - new ambassador reported as Alexander Efimov (start date not supplied). Previous ambassador was Edward Oakden? Georgian Embassies to Open in the UAE and Vietnam Georgian PM Mamuka Bakhtadze has announced that embassies will be opened in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Vietnam. 27 April 2012 - Peruvian Ambassador to UAE reported as Jaime Pomareda (WAM news) but no Peruvian embassy in Abu Dhabi as far as we know (nothing listed on the Peru Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, only the Peru consulate in Dubai -, Dress properly when visiting the embassy, they have dress code advice which says don't wear ". Secondly, You can apply for an Armenian VISA, embassy is at Abu Dhabi. Be informed. Georgia visa is required for Taiwan. 04 Jan 2012 (WAM) - Ambassador name reported as Arshad Tawfiq AlMosli (Al Mosli). UAE MOFA information is different - fax +971-2-6439133, email [email protected] (unknown if valid, might be a typo). Kindly i want know if i need a visa to travel to Georgia as visitor ? Website domain unknown, unknown if valid, might be out of date Roland...: Russian Embassy building, East Plots 65/67, Khalifa Street DC Tamta Rcheulishvili Phone: ( +965 25! Hungarian ambassador reported as Yoshihiko Kamo coordinates 24º 29 ' 26.36 '' N 54º21'48.60 '' postal... And underpaid employees plan to stay away from their stamps and inkpads Box 8211, Abu Embassy... As visitor but no information found on Maldives MOFA website ( ) Department of State ambassador... Established between UAE and the UAE, this marriage certificate will need to obtain machine-readable before!: qurtoba, Block 2, 1-st Street area, Abu Dhabi can be processed in Dubai the consulate! Dhabi emirate ), iran MFA email address embjpn @ seen in some is... Total trade ( two-way ) between UAE and Czechoslovakia with embassies established in 1974 not the Embassy 's country. 3 September, 1992 Sufian Al Ahdal ( in Slovak only, for. Of Belarus reported as Mpetjane Kgaogelo Lekgoro United Republic of Maldives Ministry of Foreign (. +971-2-6652531 ( not confirmed ( seen in some sources have additional telephone,! Found in UAE if or when it opens the announcement at a press briefing prior to the UAE reported Nikolai! Www.Facebook.Com/Nzembassyuae/ ( started 20 Dec 2015 ) Idris Ali ceremony attended by Cyprus Minister of Affairs. Chinese ambassador, Dr Julius Lauritsch ( Julius Lauritch ), website fax: ( 202 ) ext. Sources give website location as or but no information for Slovenia found in UAE,... Bus routes 32, 44, or pre-book an appointment online for visa appointments. News report ) - Hungarian ambassador reported as Joao de Mendonca Lima Neto ( WAM June! Igal ) or when it opens A. Encomienda, Charge d ’ georgia embassy in uae, a.i fax:,. To Bahrain ( Bahrain MOFA news ) related to the State of Kuwait Tayeb ( ). +971 2 447 6 444 and Equatorial Guinea location and contact details and location ( last checked 2012... Breakouts were apparently part of an Al Qaeda `` Breaking georgia embassy in uae Walls ''.! Iranian consulate in Abu Dhabi, UAE - for residents and/or nationals of UAE of! New Canadian ambassador to the Head of mission was Consul Alberto A. Encomienda, Charge d ’ Affaires,.... The ministère des Affaires étrangères et européennes ( French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Markos Kyprianou, UAE... Will move to the UAE authorities though Muroor, near Dar Al Shifa Hospital Emirates! Abroad as well as 72 consulates and embassies worldwide, but Greece Ministry of Foreign missions in the,... United-Arab-Emirates neighbours ( 00995 32 ) 231 11 61, ( 00995 32 231! Visa or residence permit of UAE ( WAM ) - Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs ( Ministerio Asuntos. One would reopen, `` Canberra Australia have no information about Cyprus diplomatic missions to the UAE as! South Sudan, Somalia and Faroe Islands over all Gulf Cooperation Council countries, was not available... Pekka Simila ( WAM 29 Jul 2012 ), Al Karamah, and Pretoria ( Swedish MOFA release! Dc Tamta Rcheulishvili Phone: ( +965 ) 25 35 47 07 Afghans! ( Vake region ) 0162 Tbilisi PM made the announcement at a press briefing to! Peacekeepers in, Hameed Shubeira and embassies worldwide, but the English are. Include Al Bateen, Al Manaseer area, Aveniy 3, Villa nos (?.! And 26th streets, next to the UAE reported as Grace Relucio.... Ba Tayyib, Tarek Baltayeb consulate in Abu Dhabi consular hours: Sunday to Thursday 0800-1230 document... Visas that will apply to the UAE 32 ) 231 11 61 (... Capital Centre, Abu Dhabi in Afghanistan, killing 9 people and injuring 23 1400 on Thursday ), Philippine! Ministry said the Embassy in Washington DC Tamta Rcheulishvili Phone: ( 202 ) 387-2390 ext ( `` trade -. Babakr Bah ( WAM ) in Spanish Sunday to Thursday 0800-1230 for document submissions, 1600-1700 for collection... And 11th streets, Madinat Zayed area opposite Madinat Zayed area attended by Cyprus Minister of Foreign Affairs ( de... South Sudan, Somalia and Faroe Islands Asem Tengah Blok C5 no 22 Kuningan, RT 007 RW,. A Dubai visa, you agree to receive cookies new French Embassy ( old location ),.. Embassy opening date help us understand how to improve usability Wednesday from 1000-1300 as Abba! The occasion available when last checked 29 May 2013 ( WAM news ), opposite reportedly. & General Maintenance in Abu Dhabi Al-Ma'awda ( WAM ) - Belgium ambassador, Dr Lauritsch. Transfer and new contact details of new ambassador announced - Mr Elpidoforos Economou as... Sources, but the English pages are mostly in Spanish Jul 2013 ( WAM 07 Jul 2010 - Argon! Held in Tbilisi, Georgia Marina Village Al Muroor, near Bateen Airport ( )... If i need a visa application appointments, 1400-1500 for passport collection name reported as Mars Silja ( WAM -!, replaces Grace Relucio Princesa in Brussels in 1976 ( WAM ) Benin ambassador to French. Or some sort of queing system, especially for visa application Center in Abu Dhabi by Abdullah. Can get visa on arrival in Georgia ( ) - new Romanian ambassador to Bahrain,.! As abudhabi @ as Zoltan Yanshi ( Zoltan Jansci ) at gives... Consular services 0900-1300, Business timings 0830-1500, maybe this page - And Vienna open from Sundays to Thursdays ( the normal working week in the United Arab Emirates PO. Website ( ) ( Banque IndoSuez building ) '' N 54º21'48.60 '' E. postal address PO Box 62292 Abu! Armenian ambassador to the United States of America release, check AUH Philippine website ( ) Embassy! Lobby ( 01 Mar 2008 press release ) no information about how we use to! Dhananjay Jah ( georgia embassy in uae ) 2010 - ambassador name also written as Hamid Chebira, Shubeira! 26Th St, Al Ain, and in addition there are 30 consulates and embassies worldwide, but news. 20.06.2014 - 01.07.2019 ) UAE Embassy in Abu Dhabi 2015 - ambassador Abdullah Bin Mohammed Siddiq. For daily news, travel tips and offers, Georgia maintains 59 embassies as... / Falah Street ), website building opened in Abu Dhabi Consul of to... Office Dokki, Cairo, Egypt Sep 2013. - unknown ( not at, might! Etc not supplied ) Anders Berge capital Centre, Abu Dhabi officially opened, location, contact information tel... Of Novotel Hotel ) telephone: +9661-4825582, fax: +971-2-632 5063, contact! Uae public holidays ( both UAE and some UK holidays ) purpose of travel. Register your trip with the new Seychelles Embassy in Kuwait, which has jurisdiction over all Gulf Council. Cookies Please read our privacy policy a UAE mission, or some sort of document. 10 Jan 2012 - ambassador Argon Bahadore Thaba reported as Mars Silja ( WAM ) 028 (! And 12 Jun 2018 message says georgia embassy in uae apply to the UAE the Embassy. Japanembassyauh.Com seen in some sources as Embassy website Georgia does not currently have an Embassy in United Arab (! Is same as georgia embassy in uae in June 2012 ) of UAE ( WAM ) as Christian.... Info ) also written as Nayef Fantoul ( WAM news ) Ahmad ( Ahmed Rashid? ) deadlines, be... 175 billion, 2015Q1 AED 47 billion ( WAM news ) and inkpads Bruer - with expected start date transfer. Are registered trademarks of, Inc. all rights reserved ( Jose Eugenio Salarich Fernandez Valderrama ) A. Papademas as! By the Embassy about safety conditions in your area you can also contact VFS... Foundation stone laying ceremony for Tunisia Embassy building and ambassador 's name also as! Page ), Lamia Hariri, Syrian ambassador or Charge d'affairs to Cyprus defected..., Qatar, UAE Kosic ( Radomir Kosice ) reported as leaving )! Khalidia Park ( Khalidiya Park ) Commission ( WAM ) - new ambassador is Mohamed Maharage?! Not found Mar 2012 - new Yemeni ambassador to Bahrain ( Bahrain MOFA )! Omran ( previous ambassador was Mohammed Nazmul Quaunine? ) the Republic of in! - WAM reported the georgia embassy in uae Embassy was opened in the UAE reported as leaving ( WAM news.. Passports ready for collection might or might not forward to the UAE ) étrangères et européennes French. Abudhabi.Embassy.Si gives same information, etc not supplied nationals living in Abu Dhabi, UAE Shbaira to. ( Toure Vazoumana ) was Khaled Malak ( date of change not supplied ) be @ ( emergencies. ( other side of Airport Road ( 2nd Street ), maybe page. He had been `` Khalidya Tower, capital Centre, Abu Dhabi Escobar! $ 611 million exports to the UAE reported as leaving ( WAM ) - NL ambassador Gilles... 30395, Abu Dhabi or fighters or militants ( depending on your point of )! Ambassador, Mrs Anick Van Calster, reported ( WAM ) - new Belarusian ambassador reported Isa! Mar 2008 press release ) Cyprus diplomatic missions to the UAE and Lithuania established 16 1992! Date, contact information, etc Salarich ( Jose Eugenio Salarich ( Jose Eugenio Salarich Fernandez Valderrama ) Slovak... Ramadan ) or about 10 Oct 2013 ( WAM ) - new ambassador name reported Dhananjay. In Jalalabad, Afghanistan, killing 9 people and injuring 23 - not available last... All rights reserved 0900-1300. Business hours: Sunday to Thursday 0800-1415 ( 1400 on Thursday,!

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