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speed Total avg. Nibali 5.99 W/kg on 5 major climbs in 2014 Tour. The average speed reached by the winners of the Tour de France increased by 53.9% since the first race in 1903 through 2016. This chart shows the average speed of Tour de France winners since 1903, by decade (in kilometers per hour). Lance Armstrong’s Tour de France-winning machines, James Huang,, July 2007. '); Fastest Tour: 41.654 km/h, by Lance Armstrong in 2005. The people of Utrecht in the Netherlands poured out in their thousands to watch Australian Rohan Dennis record the quickest average speed ever in a Tour de France stage. The GC's deservedly get accolades, but that's still only part of … document.write(' 2008 - '); Dennis, who had clocked an average speed of 55.446 km/h (34.5 mph), held on to win the stage and became the first yellow jersey wearer of the race. //-->, Tour de France Gear changing systems already existed before 1937. Overall Speed of the Tour de France The 2005 edition was the fastest Tour de France in … 60 mph on a descent is commonplace. Year-by-Year Results (2001-2020) Dennis's searing pace was the fastest average speed ever recorded in a Tour de France individual time trial -- surpassing Briton Chris Boardman's 1994 effort over 7km in Lille. Interruptions are the 2 periods of noncelebration due to World Wars I and II (1915–1918 and 1940–1946). document.write('©' ); Slowest Tour de France: 24.1km/h. What speed do Tour de France cyclists average? Nowadays the average cycling speed in the Tour de France is about 25 mph (40 km/h). The 2018 Tour de France is officially over. The world has changed dramatically since the route of the 2020 Tour de France was unveiled last October. Overall Speed of the Tour de France. This was the Tour de France of 2005, which was won by Lance Armstrong. The race was won by Greg LeMond of the AD Renting–W-Cup–Bottecchia team. Below are a few stats to remember for next time your friends ask ‘what is the top speed in the Tour de France?’ Jeremy Roy later showed that he had managed to set a high speed of 127kph/79mph on the descent of the Cote de la Comella, while Marcus Burghardt of BMC took the bragging rights managing to aero-tuck his way to 130.7kph/81.2mph. We are privileged to have three TT powerhouses share their data, to allow us to breakdown their performances. Estimate how many days it will take him to complete the race. Bikes & Travel fastest solo TdF record was a TT by LeMond I believe it was at 53 km/h, or about 32 mph! 25-30 solo. Total distance covered and average speed of the winners of the Tour de France (1903–2011). Paved Road Climbs. Stage speeds. /* right side */ The Tour de France is a multiple stage bike race which has been held annually since 1903 (apart from during the two World Wars). google_ad_client = "ca-pub-2062310126166513"; The Tour de France riders achieve 25 miles per hour over 125 miles, but that is very much due to the large size of the peloton (group of cyclists). The 1989 Tour de France was the 76th edition of the Tour de France, one of cycling's Grand Tours.The race consisted of 21 stages and a prologue, over 3,285 km (2,041 mi). Obviously, the other riders were slightly slower overall. ³ Oscar Pereiro declared the winner after disqualification of the actual winner Floyd Landis, tested positive for testosterone during the Tour. Tour rider: 21 to 25 mph. //-->, The Story of the Tour de France Volume 2 sale. In fact, you’re one of about 30 people to ask us this since the beginning of this year’s Tour de France. Tour de France Winners, Podium and Times as well as links to all other Tour de France information on our site, Other competitions (points, KOM, green jersey, team classification), Tour de France prizes, winners and total prize pools, by year. A cyclist knows his average speed his 12.37 miles/hour from his previous races. Tour de France Average speeds; See also more: Tour de France Facts; Fastest Ever Prologue Time Trial. Comix Site Map, KOM: A Guide to 1994, Chris Boardman – 7.2km time trial course of 55.152 km/h (youtube clip) Olympic road race 2012. Fat Tire Riders. Food Stage 13 in the Tour de France departed from the metropolitan city of Tours and followed a 173km route to finish in Saint-Amond-Montrond, the very center of France. On the other end of the scale, in 1919, Firmin Lambot won the race with the slowest ever winning average speed of 24.1km/h. Contact According to "Bicycling Magazine," the average Tour de France rider maintains an average speed of 25 to 28 mph on flats, or a 2:24 to 2:08 minute mile. google_ad_width = 728; Rohan Dennis beat Chris Boardman's previous record of an average speed of 55.152 km/h set in 1994. First you must figure out your estimates, in this case you can round 2162 down to 2000 and 12.37 to 10 to make your … Time for us to look back at the results so far. The stage was flat with fierce cross winds blowing the peloton apart by the end. FLATS. This means an average speed increase rate of 0.42% each Tour. Average speed in a race like the Tour de France is very misleading. Due to this high cadence, cyclists riding the 21 stages of the Tour de France – which takes around 85 hours to complete – will perform more than 500,000 crank revolutions. On flat stages, about 65% of the day is spent riding at an easy pace. The upward trend reached its peak at 41.65 km/h with the 7th consecutive win by the US cyclist Lance Armstrong in 2005. For the Tour de France the cyclist knows he will cycle for 10 hours a day. This means an average speed increase rate of 0.42% each Tour. Includes route, riders, teams, and coverage of past Tours Average speed - indications . Once he said that his ideal race 40.997 km/hr average speed: 198: 167: 2018 July 7 - July 29: Noirmoutier en l'Île - Paris: 3,349 km: 21: 40.210 km/hr: 176: 145: 2019 July 6 - July 28: Brussels - Paris: 3,365.8 km: 21: 40.576 km/hr: 176: 155: 2020 Aug 29 - Sept 20: Nice - Paris: 3,482.2 km: 21: 39.872 km/hr: 176: 146 KOM: A Guide to They change these for hard, high climbing days and for TT's. Bearing in mind all the provisos above, you still want to know the 'average cycling speed? ⁴ The Court of Arbitration for Sport ruled in February 2012 that Alberto Contador, having failed a doping test, was deprived of his win in the 2010 Tour, and declared Andy Schleck the new winner. UCI weight limit of 15 lbs.